Strengthening the Bond: Science and Textiles. Virginia J. compiler Whelan.

Strengthening the Bond: Science and Textiles

Philadelphia: North American Textile Conservation Conference, 2002.

168 pp. Several black and white figures, tables and charts. 8.5 x 11 Paperback in Very Good condition. Item #BOOKS010301I

Seventeen scholarly articles combined for attendees of the North American Textile Conservation Conference in 2002 held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Winterthur Museum. Articles include:

-Modern Materials in Costume collections: A Collaboration between Scientist and Conservator
-Characterization of Silk Deterioration
-Iron Gall and the Textile Conservator
-Studies on a Korean Painted Silk Banner: Identification of Layer Structure, Binding Medium, and Pigments
-Chemical Finishes on Indigo-dyes Cloth: Characterization of Miao and Miao-related Costume from Guizhou, China
-A Fault in the Thread? Examining fibers Taken from Laces of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
-Analysis of Soiling and Trace Contaminants of the Star-Spangled Banner
-Characterization and Evaluation of a Synthetic Fabric: A Flag Study
-The Ardabil Carpet and Other Interesting Collaborations
-Science, Conservation Science, Conservation Research, Conservation: Where do the Conservator and Scientist Meet?
-Quality Requirements for Textile Conservation: An Over view of Canadian Conservation Institute Research
-Tapestry Cleaning: Characterization and Removal of Soils
-The Identification and Removal of Deodorants, Antiperspirants, and Perspiration Stains from White Cotton Fabric
-Beneath the Surface: Salt Movement in Archaeological Textiles
-An Investigation of the Effects of Borohydride Treatments of Oxidized Cellulose Textiles
-Conservation of the Wright Flyer III: Serendipity and Substantiation
-Wash Water Quality Requirements for Textile Conservation.

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