Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies VII: Selected Papers from ICOC X, Washington 2003 and ICOC XI, Istanbul 2007. Thomas J. Farnham, Daniel Shaffer ed.

Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies VII: Selected Papers from ICOC X, Washington 2003 and ICOC XI, Istanbul 2007

Norfolk, UK: International Conference on Oriental Carpets, 2011.

200 pp. 345 color plates 49 black and white 9 tables. 8.25 x 11.75 Paperback in New condition. Item #BOOKS008637I
ISBN: 1898113998

Articles include: "Textile Cultures of Syria: Palmyra, Mamluks and Bedouin" by Murray L. Eiland III; "Beyond the Carpet Design Revolution: Perspectives on 15th-century Carpet History" by Walter Denny; "End Finishes of Topkapi Palace Museum Prayer Rugs" by Serife Atlihan; "Design and Influence in the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Spanish Pomegranate Carpet" by Aimee Froom; "Ghost Story: Vestiges of a vanished Turkish carpet design seen in some 16th-and 17th-century European embroidered and pile carpets" by Sarah B. Sherrill; "Tulips to Roses: Changing Trends in Ottoman Embroidery" by Sumru Belger Krody; "Large, Larger, Largest... Large Medallion Suzanis in German Collections" by Christian Erber; "Hunting Imagery in Kaitag Embroideries from Daghestan: Origins, Influences, and Evolution" by Susan Scollay; "The Pazyryk Carpet: A Stylistic Appraisal ff The Deep-Frozen Treasure From Kurgan Number Five in The High Altai" by Michael A. Hann; "The Marby Rug" by Margareta Nockert; "Polonaise Carpets in Baroque Rome" by Irene Sabatini; "Carpets in Polish Paintings" by Beata Biedronska-Slota; "Do Not Believe Everything You Read: Early Indian, 'Portuguese' and Pashmina-Pile Mughal Carpets and the Importance of Original Documentation" by Steven Cohen; "A Structural Study of The Transylvanian Group and its Implications For Attributions to Anatolian Carpet Production Centers" by Stefano Ionescu and Ali Riza Tuna; "Tudoc's Coupled-Column Prayer Rug Fragment: A Virtual Reconstruction of the Original Design" by Mircea Dunca and Luiza Gherghinescu; "After the Safavids: Khorasan Carpets of the 18th and 19th Centuries" by Hadi Maktabi; "New Perspectives for Two Prestigious Carpet Collections: The Louvre Museum and Les Arts Decorarifs, Paris" by Susan Day; "Carpets And Kilims in the Tokat Dervish Lodge Foundation Museum" by Suzan Baybaktaro—Lu; "Mysteries of the Misplaced Mamluk Revisited: Mid-18th-Century Aubusson 'Mamluk' Carpets" by Sarah B. Sherrill; "Studio Style - The Use of Carpets and Textiles in Historicist Era Painters' Studios in Munich: The Reception of the Oriental Carpet in Europe in the Second Half of the 19th Century" by Michael Buddeberg; "The Compartment Group of Middle Amu Darya Pile Rugs and the Bactrian Carpet-Making Tradition" by Elena Tsareva; "Dervish and Sufi Costume in the Topkapi Palace Collection" by Hulya Tezcan.

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