Oriental Rug Review Vol. 10 #3. Oriental Rug Review.

Oriental Rug Review Vol. 10 #3

Meredith, NH: Feb/March 1990.

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Cover: Chinese rug, Ning Hsia, 19th century Lead Article: Hunting for Karakalpak Carpets, by A.S. Teselkin No genuine examples of this rare type found even in Karakalpakia Bogolubov and the Karakalpak Attribution, by George O'Bannon Modern methods of rug identification leave doubts How to Make Money in Aesthetics in Your Spare Time, by Peter F. Stone An exploration of rug aesthetics with famous and obscure authorities Traces of Prehistoric Motifs in Tribal Rugs, by Cyrus Parham Some ancient prototypes for the enigmatic "animal head" motif Donald N. Wilber's A Descriptive Catalogue of Dated Rugs and Inscribed Rugs, review by Tom Tarantino Dr. Wilber makes the unknown prosaic, shows how to detect fraud, provides a date conversion appendix, and much more The Fustat Carpet, by Doctor Kabistan What's in a name, or would a rug by any other name lay so flat The Appeal and Significance of Collecting Oriental Rugs, by Dr. Erich Menzel A translation from German by Roger F. Gardiner The Carpet Collection of the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo, by George O'Bannon One of the best kept secrets in the rug world The Proper Way to Clean Your Oriental Rug, by David Zahirpour Should you do it yourself? A step-by-step guide Of Arabian Camel Rugs and Gafsa Ferrasijas, by Tatiana Divens How her first time led her on a quest for knowledge Trefoil, An Exhibition at Mills College, review by Pamela Bensoussan A scholar's forum, with examples that meet a serious collector's criteria Oriental Rug Quality and Qualities From Rug Basics Series, the word quality defined Brief Sketches.

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