Oriental Rug Review Vol. 12 #6. Oriental Rug Review.

Oriental Rug Review Vol. 12 #6

Meredith, NH: Aug/Sept 1992.

8.5 x 11 Paperback in Very Good condition. Item #BOOKS004723I

Cover: Round holes in the Bazaar Vakil's vaulted ceiling throw shafts of sunlight down into the dark bazaar. In this natural light, Ghassem Rahbarmah, a Shiraz dealer, studies a south Persian malband. Lead Article: The Tehran Carpet Conference and Exhibition, by James Opie An overview of one of the great rug adventures of the 20th century Walks Among the Nomads,by Murray L. Eiland, Jr. Visits to a Baktiari encampment in the Zagros and a Qashqa'i camp outside Shiraz Editorial: U.S. Embargo on Iranian Goods, by James Opie and Ron O'Callaghan Visiting the Babadi-Bakhtiaris, by James Opie Concerns for the fragility of nomad ways temper the thrill of being in their company Vegetal Dyes, Iran Restores an Ancient Tradition,by James Opie Interest in the tried-and-true method has reawakened The Tehran Conference: A Personal Perspective, by Bob Gibson Despite visa problems, anti-American sentiment, anxiety and disappointments, it was a gratifying and worthwhile adventure Soul-Searching in a Tehran Cemetery, by James Opie The tombs of Behesht-e Zahra prompt reflections on the U.S. role in the Iran-Iraq war The Bazaars of Iran, by Murray L. Eiland III Ordinary objects of apparel and household use fill Iran's "shopping malls" Dealers and Merchandise, Iran: June 1992, by James Opie A look at a dealer's fair of enormous proportions Fieldwork the Easy Way, by Murray L. Eiland, Jr. From all over Iran, weavers with the looms assembled to demonstrate their craft Commentary, Rug Notes, Rug Societies News, Letters to the Editor.

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