A World of Carpets and Textiles. Murray L. ed Eiland.
A World of Carpets and Textiles

A World of Carpets and Textiles

Danville: International Conference on Oriental Carpets, 2003.

290 pp. 325 color plates. 9 x 12 Hardback in dustjacket in Very Good condition. Item #BOOKS002447I
ISBN: 1889666076

Exhibition catalog of the 10th International Conference on Oriental Carpets. Massive display of Textile Museum and collector rugs, including displays of Ensi, Kaitag, Central Asian, Persian tribal and Caucasian rugs.

"A sparkling book illustrating the many exhibitions of the 10th ICOC in Washington, DC in 2003. The weighty volume contains: rare Spanish and Mamluk carpets from the Textile Museum Collection, essays by Carol Bier; a large section of Kaitag embroideries from the Caucasus, essay by Susan Scollay; Central & Southern Zagros Mountain weavings, essay by John Wertime, and Khorjin & Mafrash of NW Persia and Transcaucasia, essay by Wendel Swan. Essays by Hoffmeister, Tsareva and Crosby lead a special exhibition of The Turkmen Ensi and Traditional Textiles of Uzbekistan are supplemented with essays by Makhamova, Mirsadiyeva, Babanazarova and Tsareva."

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