Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia. James Opie.

Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia

Portland: James Opie Oriental Rugs, Inc., 1981.

224 pp. 100 color plates. 8.5 x 11 Hardback in dustjacket in New condition. Item #BOOKS001089I

GWO 2098. Wonderful color. Many smaller Persian pieces illustrated.

'...this much needed volume... will prove useful for dealers and collectors as well as beginning or advanced students of rugs.' from the Introduction by Murray Eiland

"Beautiful, intriguing, enjoyable to read, this magnificent book presents a unique and colorful view of the extraordinary weaving achievements of the five major tribal groups in southern Persia. The rugs of these nomadic and village peoples have long been mislabeled, or lumped together under inexact trade names. Now, for the first time, their weavings are clearly delineated and defined. Rich color photographs and easy-to-understand descriptions record the differences and similarities of the works of the Qashqa'i confederacy, Khamseh confederacy, Lurs, Bakhtiyaris, Afshars, and many sub-groups. Evidence is presented that points to ancient as well as more recent influences in tribal rugs.

"The author draws upon knowledge gained through extensive field trips in southern Iran, anthropological and ethnological research in the Near East, Europe, and the United States and years of experience in the Oriental rug field. While eminently practical in his approach, the author obviously delights in the mystery of Persian rugs and the never-ending search for insights and facts that relate to the origin of designs. The results of many years of work are crystalized in the pages of this book. In reading it, you, too, will delight in the discovery of great artistic treasures and the people who made them.

"A contributing editor to Oriental Rug Auction Review, James Opie has written extensively on his experiences in rug bazaars of Iran, and among village and tribal people in rug-producing areas. During the 1970s, he made eight extended trips to southern Iran (Persia), to gather examples of tribal weavings as well as information about the nomadic tribes that produced them. His most fruitful discoveries are recorded in this book, which is enlivened with a wealth of first-hand experience and personal anecdotes. His writing offers a very rare balance; it is both scholarly and enjoyable. "

"The author's varied experiences have found him visiting the Tehran home of a tribal chief and the tents of nomads. He has bargained for hand-spun yarns in competition with native women and has probed the view-of-life of respected village elders. Throughout his years of study and travel he has earned a well-deserved reputation for frank opinions and honest assessments with native merchants as well as dealers and collectors in this country and Europe. Since 1973, he has made Portland, Oregon home base for his rug business, writing interests, and appraisal and consulting practice." -Cover


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