Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies III, Part I. Robert Pinner, W. Denny.

Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies III, Part I

London: Hali Publications, 1987.

172 pp. 12 color plates, 91 black and white illustrations. 7 x 10 Paperback in Very Good condition. Item #BOOKS000926I
ISBN: 0948674032

GWO 895. Papers presented at the International Conference on Oriental Carpets V, Vienna. Article include: *"May Hamilton Beattie" by Louise W. Mackie; *"A Bibliography of the Works of May H. Beattie" by Louise W. Mackie with the cooperation of May H. Beattie; *"A Re-examination of the Fibres of Çatal Hüyük Textiles" by Gillian M. Vogelsang-Eastwood; *"A Note on the Wool Type in Carpet Yarns from Pazyryk" by Michael L. Ryder; *"The Carpet Collection of King Charles I" by Donald King; *"A Lotto Rug and a Rug Fragment in the Historical Museum, Stockholm" by Inger Estham; *"The Transylvanian Carpet – Historical and Typological Comments" by Andrei Kertesz-Badrus; *"18th Century Persian Carpets: Continuity and Change" by Jenny Housego; *"The Carpet Weaving Industry in the Arak Region" by Patrice Fontaine; *"Davaghin and Dum Rugs of Daghestan" by Emil Salmonov and Robert Chenciner; *"Buta" by Latif Kerimov; *"Turkoman Prayer Rugs" by Siegfred Gassong; *"Classification of Tekke Chuvals by Elements of Design and by Technical Factors" by E.B. Long; *"The Mongol Rugs" by Krystyna Chabros; *"Indian and Kashmiri Carpets before Akbar: Their Perceived History" by Steven J. Cohen; *"Purple Obtained with Natural Dyes in Anatolian Pile Carpets and Flatweaves" by Harald Böhmer; *"The Measurement of Wool Fibres in Yarns as an Aid to Defining Carpet Type" by Michael L. Ryder; *"Oriental Carpets and Russian Interiors in the 19th Century" by Oleg Semenov.

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