Oriental Carpet and Textile Studies Volume IV

Berkeley: International Conference on Oriental Carpets, 1993.

281 pp. 9 color plates, 452 black and white illustrations and figures. 7 x 10 Paperback in New condition. Some discoloration to cover. Item #BOOKS000925I

Papers from the 7th ICOC presented in San Francisco including:

"Evidence for Pile Carpets in Cuneiform Sources and a Note on thePazyryk Carpet" by Murray Eiland, III;
"Patterns of Prestige in the Pazyryk Carpet: Notes on theRepresentational Role of Textiles in the First Millennium BC" by DavidStronach;
"The Marked Characteristics of the Textiles Unearthed from the At-TarCaves, Iraq" by Hideo Fujii and Kazuko Sakamoto.

"Early Seljuk and Ottoman Carpets from the Collection of the Museum ofTurkish-Islamic Art" by Nazan Olcer;
"Turkish Knotted Carpets and Flatweaves with Similar Designs: Questionsand Answers Concerning the Transfer of Designs from One WeavingTechnique to Another" by Harald Bohmer;
"The Enigma of the Transylvanian Triple Niche Rugs" by VictorMicaelian;
"Traditional Weavings in One Village of Settled Nomads in NorthwestAnatolia" by Serife Atlihan;
"Velenses of the Topkapi Palace Collection" by Hulya Tezcan;
"Wall, Floor and Baggage Pile: the Differing Context of Flatweaves inAnatolia" by Peter Andrews;
"Structural Clues to Antiquity in Kilim Design" by Marla Mallett;
"The Iconography of the Patterns of Two So-Called 'Prayer Kilims' fromObruk" by Jurg Rageth;
"Anatolian Kilim Iconography" by Dario Valcarenghi.

"Reading the Inscription with Date on a Qashqa'i Rug: A MethodicalApproach" by Siawosch Ulrich Azadi;
"The Qashqa'i Emblem: Is it Really a Tribal Emblem? An OutstandingQashqa'i Carpet with the Qashqa'i Emblem" by Taher Sabahi

"Italian Peasant Rugs" by Alberto Boralevi;
"Some New Aspects in the Study of the History of Felt Making" by MaryBurkett;
"The Tibetan Rug: A Tribal Tradition?" by Tom Cole;
"Dye Research on the Prayer Rugs of the Topkapi Collection" by NevinEnez;
"Non-Kurdish Weavings of Iraq" by McGuire Gibson;
"Beduin Textiles of Saudi Arabia" by Joy May Hilden;
"Ornamentation of Caucasian Carpets and its Parallels to MedievalArmenian Miniature and Stone Carving Work" by Nona Stepanyan;
"Approaching Rug Motifs as 'a Language'" by James Opie;
"The Crivelli Rug Medallion and the Turkmen Connection" by RobertPinner;
"Tales of Totems and Tamghas" by Susan Day;
"New Approaches for Display of Old Textiles" by Geoffrey Brown;
"Light Sources and Fading" by James Henderson.

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